>Butternuts Porkslap Pale Ale


Is this the greatest-named beer i’m ever going to see? What’s a porkslapper? Is it any good? So many questions….

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  1. >Hee hee – that is dreadful, although the pigs do seem to be enjoying themselves!!Hope you've sent that to http://pumpclipparade.blogspot.com/

  2. >That IS the best-named beer! And I bet it goes great with barbecue. I don't think a porkslapper is a real thing. It sounds a bit cheeky.

  3. >The beercan on the outside looks grand!

  4. >Heather, you not done any porkslappin' whilst holding those famous hog roasts of yours?

  5. >Amazing! I've just googled this beer and it's presence in the UK (if any) and was directed to this blog.I'm just back this morning from Washington DC where I was lucky enough to be introduced to this very beer and………….. it's pretty good. The aroma was brilliant, sweet and creamy on the nose with definite passionfruit and buttery mango. Taste-wise, typical American pale ale fare but very very drinkable. The bar tender offered to let me take a few cans home and now regret not taking her up on the offer. BTW, brilliant blog site. I couldn't agree more with your thoughts on the The Station Inn in Whitby – spent a nice afternoon there last summer on Jennings Cumberland. We don't seem to see this one very often in Essex.Cheers

  6. >Scot – thanks for your comments, and welcome! sounds like it's a decent drinker too, as well as having an awesome name!

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