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…After reading a glowing review of this beer on, amongst many others, Thornbridge’s blog, I thought it sounded right up my street and got some ordered. And I’m glad I did.
Not only does the beer look great on the eye – Odell’s artwork is wonderful and completley in tune with the breweries’ ethos – it backs it up with taste.

St Lupulin (6.5%abv) is an Extra Pale Ale – which to me sits somewhere inbetween and IPA and a full-bodied Pale. Orangey-amber in colour, the aroma is a very sugary, very sweet citrus – I got mostly oranges from the nose. This carries through onto the taste, where you get a lovely hit of marmalade and boiled sweets before the bitterness comes in; lemony and fresh at first but finishing grassy. Despite it’s somewhat thick mouthfeel, this is a complex and well-balanced beer, and one that I wish I’d order more of.
Check out Odell’s excellent website here.

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  1. >I'm beginning to suspect we have the same stash. Only you're getting through yours better than I am mine.I'll be giving this a go soon, I think.

  2. >Cracking beer, had some over Xmas, have four of their beers in the 1001 Beers book, but funnily enough not that one, so it goes on the next 1001 list I’m making…

  3. >It is utterly divine isn't it? When Doug came to do his meet the brewer all his beers went down brilliantly, I think it's a fabulous range that just gently meanders around a whole range of flavours, whilst holding a common thread of taste through the yeast, without ever getting samey, dull or lacklustre – I'm a big fan!

  4. >The expert balance of this beer blows me away… it is one of those beers, for me anyway, that you could never guess the strength of. It oozes drinkability.

  5. >TBN – let us know what you htink (i'm sure you will!!) – ATJ – I;ll be picking up the book so will check it out. Melissa – sounds good, I'd have really liked to have picked doug's brains! Kelly – no probs, thanks for the tip! Spot on re; the abv – masked amongst some great flavours.

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