>The Midweek: Cheddar Ales’ Goat’s Leap


…I’ve been wanting to try some of Cheddar’s range for a while now, buoyed by hearty recommendations from the likes of Boak & Bailey and others over the last year or so. So when Foley’s started stocking, I was quietly happy.

Not only that, but Goat’s Leap turned out to be what I hoped it would – outstanding. True to style, it’s a big IPA with a sweet, toffee-centric body, but with a light yet astringent ‘Green’ hop attack going on in the nose, along with a pleasantly long and refreshing bitter finish. At 5.5% it’s one to maybe keep your head around, but I could happily drink a lot of this. Kudos to both Foley’s and Cheddar. Top marks for pump-clip design, too.

I must have been on a Hop mission during last week’s session, because I also managed to finally try a beer made with Motueka hops. I confess to a bit of a blind spot – as both a homebrewer and beer nerd – when it comes to NZ hops. Mallinson’s Motueka is a single varietal beer, and they’ve kept the malts to a simple Pale option in order to let the hops shine through. And shine through they do – a smooth pint with a citrussy, distinctly Lemony edge. I was expecting something more floral and maybe even earthy based on what I’d read, but the aroma and finish were pure zest. Very nice indeed. Learning through beer sure is refreshing.

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  1. >Ohh, I like single hop beers, and making them for exactly that reason. I'd never heard of Motueka, but found it described as "Saaz, with a New Zealand twist". Might have to order some based on your review! Have to say I've enjoyed beers with hops from NZ and Oz.

  2. >Barry – me too. I thikn it takes a lot to make a decent single hop beer and really showcase the hops. Im always appreciative!!

  3. >So far, they've not let me down and I think they've made some wise investments in graphic design. They're a small outfit but don't come across as amateurs partly because everything is so smartly branded.

  4. >Bailey – Yes, I agree. 'Small', when it comes to business, is only a frame of mind – 'small' doesnt have to mean 'amatuerish' – which, without naming names, happens all the time.

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