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I managed to try a couple of beers from the Bristol Beer Factory this week, on draught at The Midnight Bell in Leeds. I always enjoy seeing a couple of beers from a brewery I had not heard of – and I liked what I got.

Red actually turned out not to be that red at all in colour – well, not compared to Irish Reds – but was the pick of the two nonetheless. A firm, biscuity backbone gave way to a really pleasant smokiness on the way down, with not a great deal of hop presence overclouding it. Lovers of dark milds should take a detour down this road if you get the chance. Red certainly hit the spot after a day at work, and was finished very quickly indeed.

And so we moved onto Sunrise – and with the name, you kind of know what you’re going to get. A lot more effervescent than the Red, and a strong golden yellow in colour, Sunrise was a lot more in-your-face, refreshing and fruity with a massive citrus kick at the end. Sunrise has a big flavour, but despite this it certainly cleared the dust from the throat, so to speak.

Bristol Beer Factory seem to be heading in the right direction, and it was a nice change to see their wares in Leeds. In some ways it makes sense for them to be on sale at The Midnight Bell, a Leeds Brewery pub, because BBF seem to be a similar company – a young, fledgeling brewer quickly establishing themselves as serious players in the beer stakes. They also have a floating barge-bar that is pulled in to action from time to time – which is very cool indeed. According to their website, their Milk Stout seems to be a bit of an award-winner – so I’ll be keeping an eye out for that.


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  1. >Do BBF have a deal with Leeds that you know of then Leigh? Not come across them but worth a trip to the Bell or Brewery Tap if they're to be a regular guest I think.

  2. >Will – you'd have to assume so. I wasnt aware of any, but it made a nice surprise to walk into the Bell and see not one, but two guests from the same brewery. Worth a pint or two, for sure. If you find out and they – and you pop over – give me a shout.

  3. >Thanks for the comments. I'm the head brewer at BBF. I know Michael and Sam from when I was the brewer at York Brewery.Cheers. Chris.

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