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I like The Brewery Tap, I really do. The latest addition to Leeds’ Brewery’s stable, I find it more welcoming than The Midnight Bell, more authentic than Pin. It sort of sits in the middle of those two, not really a bar, not really a pub.
I think it’s more of a brewpub – although with only a small brewhouse upstairs, which produces lager. Yep, that’s right – Lager.

Launched on St George’s Day, Leodis is brewed on-site, and in a lot of ways represents Leeds’s ability to tap into what’s popular right now. Well, with me, anyway. I didn’t really know quality lager existed in the UK (If it wasn’t Pilsner Urquell then I wasn’t interested) until my head-turning epiphany with Taddington’s Moravka, so this came at the right time. And The Brewery Tap is a fine place to drink it in – if you indeed want to choose it over the Midnight Bell.

Anyway, I was here for the lager. Incredibly lively, with a big buttery nose, it certainly smelled interesting. After the big citrus kick, the flavour mellows out somewhat, leaving a flinty, dry finish that reminded me of Dortmunder Union or a much less hoppy Jever. However, I fear that this won’t replace the lager-drinker’s tipple of choice too soon. Why? This is a big beer. 4.6% abv, there’s a lot of flavour packed in there, and it was incredibly fizzy. In short, not something I would deem too sessionable. But then again, like I said above; maybe I don’t give ‘Lager drinkers’ enough credit.
However – that’s just me. If people switch from Peroni or Beck’s onto Leodis, then surely that is a result. Who knows, maybe they’ll go from that to the Leeds Pale, and from then on it’s onwards and upwards; and it’s not all about ‘converting people’ either – Leeds are brewing something a little different, and serving it a lot colder than usual. Brewing something new is good.

Leeds Brewery

The Brewery Tap. 18 New Station Street, Leeds. 0113 2434414

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  1. >Where is this Leigh close enough to centre for another trip?

  2. >I was in the Brewery Tap last week – must have missed the lager. Maybe I’ll be really unlucky and, erm, just miss the train sometime next week…The brewkit upstairs looks excellent, though. I think the Brewery Tap has got a nice niche – it sells proper beer, but the type of people who would never drink proper beer won’t be put off by the pub itself, because it looks, well, quite nice.

  3. >Haven’t tried Moravka. It always sells out before I get there. Doubtless the same thing will happen with Leodis should it make its way Down South.I rate Sam Smith’s Pure Brew – a very decent Britlager, especially on a scorching day.

  4. >Bigun – it’s literally on the doorstep of Leeds station, and yes, a worthy stop on a crawl. Rich – yeah, the crowd looks decent, and the brewing aspect certainly lends something different. TIW – fully agree in respect of Sam Smith’s Pure Brewed – good stuff.

  5. >I was there for the ‘launch’. Leodis really is a superb lager. Generally I prefer my bitters – the more saponaceous the better – but I was very impressed with Leodis. To paraphrase Elizabeth I, it struck me as having the body of a lager but the heart of a bitter. The flavour is nice and hoppy, with a hint of the Leeds Pale taste but with the coolness and refreshing fizz of a lager. Definitely a winner.

  6. >Is this lager cask conditioned Leigh? You mention it being very fizzy so I’m assuming not, in which case it’s unlikely to make it to the usual Leeds outlets here. Having said that with the exception of the odd Pale every now and again we don’t see anything like as much from them as we did, which is a real shame.

  7. >Will, i assume not also. interesting point about output though, they remain as ubiquitous as ever here in Leeds.

  8. >I just came back from having a try of this stuff, after dinner at Ephesus Mangal. Bloody good meal and an excellent pint. Really fizzy, like good champers fizzy and a lovely refreshing flavour. We were all well impressed. The food at the restaurant was excellent and came to £50 for 4 of us. We were all well stuffed. Good tip so thankyou!

  9. >Katie- no probs, that’s why we do what we do!

  10. >I popped in and tried Leodis a week ago – I thought it was a very good effort, and mine wasn’t too fizzy either.Re: availability of their beers, I speak to them every week or 10 days,and they have had a period of such enormous growth, they can’t brew enough beer. They are hoping to install some new tanks soon, so that might help.

  11. >cheers for that, Zak, good to hear from you.

  12. >I am a lager drinker normaly, but after discovering Leeds pale at abbey inn in kirkstall/bramley I fell n love. Then when I saw brewery tap out of the corner of my eye I popped in and spotted leodis. Tryed it, loved it. A lot like pale in taste, but fizzier obviously. Has very much taken me away from my usual peroni. Am typing this on iPhone in brewery tap, hehe.

  13. >well, you’ve given up Pernoi for it and I guess that’s the name of the game here!

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