>A Trio of Wheats


…Going through a bit of a Wheat phase at the moment… I’m not sure why, maybe it’s a purge from all that heaviness over Christmas. So, in keeping with this, I decided to have an afternoon sampling all the Wheats I had sitting in the cellar.

First up, Little Valley’s Hebden’s Wheat. A regional brewery I’m really getting into recently: head brewer Wim Van Der Spek seems to have a canny knack for taking traditional styles and twisting them around a bit; making the ordinary seem a little more eccentric. Bottle conditioned, organic Hebden Wheat is a bright, straw colour with a fair bit of haze – as you’d expect. A quick sniff gives you a really earthy, almost horse-blanket (as i beleive the term to be amongst the professionals!) aroma; but the taste is pure coriander up front, and then followed by tons of sherberty lemon. I’ve never tasted anything quite like it; and to be honest I quite liked it. The spirit of adventure is alive and well in Cragg Vale, it would seem. Keep up the good work. Nice website, too.


It’s across the pond now; of course it is – my love for American Beers knows no bounds – Blue Moon Brewing Co’s Belgian White. And one look at this label had me sold; wonderful stuff. As for the beer – well, it looked the part: hazy, creamy yellow, and a great citrus nose. However, for me, the taste did’nt quite live up to the hype; very thin body and massive citrus – that all important spice coming on way too late and nowhere near prominent enough. Oh well.

Finally, back to the UK and the ever-ready Meantime Wheat. Pouring much more golden than the previous two, this was lesson in balance: a noseful of banana, vanilla and possibly cloves, and a much more warming taste than the previous two. Taste-wise, Citrus seems to play second fiddle to the full, tasty wheat body – but still managing to be a refreshing Wheat beer.

A good afternoon of tasting, that. I might try and group together more sessions according to style!


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  1. >I’ve tried Blue Moon a couple of times, and find it lacking in almost every department. I’m amazed at how well it seems to have been received in the UK.

  2. >yeah…i think ‘disappointed’ seems to be the word for me. Underwhelmed, perhaps.

  3. >It was selling like hotcakes on tap in the Rake at Borough Market a few weeks back — mostly to CAMRA types, oddly enough, who were shouting about how surprisingly palatable it was for an American beer.

  4. >I was really disappointed with Blue Moon. I even tried serving it with a slice of orange and just felt stupid. I think it makes a good beer for seafood, but not much else.