>A Good Weekend

>Yeah, in general. A Good Weekend. Firstly, Leeds United finally won a game and – more importantly – kept a clean sheet away at Brighton. Cue a collective bout of fist-pumping (oo-er!) and fratboy style high-fives in the household.
As if that wasn’t enough, we’d decided to treat ourselves to a Tapas supper at our Mediterranean joint of choice, Dos Amigos. And it didn’t disappoint – although it never does. Deep-fried whitebait dunked in pungent Aioli, Salt-Cod Croqetas, Bread getting soggier by the second due the amount of crushed tomato and garlic smeared on top, a luscious ragu of slow-cooked, rosemary-tinted pork belly, prawns in a chili sauce…the dishes just kept coming. /all washed down with a few pints of draught Cruzcampo, a lager I never tire of. The Best tapas in Leeds, and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.
Waking up this morning with that still in mind, I slung a bottle of Otter Bright in the fridge to chill to obscene levels (something I wouldn’t ordinarily do) whilst I whipped up a spanish-inspired fish stew.
In a pan went one tin of plum tomatoes, which I simmered down with a pinch of salt, some chili flakes, a massive splash of olive oil, a pinch of sugar and a squirt of tomato puree. Next, a small fillet of Cod (any firm white fish will do: I’ve made this with Monkfish and got good results) was chopped and added to the sauce to cook. In a separate pan I then lightly sauteed some sliced chorizo sausage – just enough to leach out that lovely, saffrony pork fat – then dumped the whole pan into the stew along with a handful of chopped, pitted black olives. Simmer all together for five minutes and serve in a suitably rustic bowl with warm bread and Tabasco to taste.

The Otter Bright chilled down well, and added an inoffensive fruity coolness to the rich, hot stew. and what do you know – as we were eating, the sun came out. Lovely.
Dos Amigos
68/70 Abbey Road, Kirkstall,
Leeds, LS5 3JG. Telephone: 01484 720338

I did try to take some pictures of the food at Amigo’s but for those who don’t know it, it’s very dark and very cosy. I didn’t feel like taking a flash to ruin the atmos for the sake of the blog. You’ll just have to go to find out what it’s like!

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  1. >fairly sure I’ve been to that place mate, quite a bit back but I remember it being very nice.

  2. >always good to hear from you bigun! yep, being an ex-leeds lad you would have. It’s been about for years, changed hands a few times but luckily the new owners have always managed to realise that they have a winning formula…makes a nice change!

  3. >brilliant recipe and review. You cant help but feel happy and summery with food like that!

  4. >cheers! bring on the summer!

  5. >You fish and chorizo stew must’ve been awesome!

  6. >I’ve just discovered your blog via a link about Belhaven Twisted Thistle. The description of your fish stew has got me salivating.Your blog saved to favourites and thank you for making me very hungry…as well as recommending a good restaurant in Leeds.Cheers.

  7. >thanks delcatto. I’m about to open a bottle of Twisted right now, actually. thanks for dropping by.

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