A few weeks ago I was in Beer-Ritz browsing for a wheat beer to wash down some Calamari I was frying up that night. It was only by chance that I happened upon a very indistinct bottle called Rodham’s wheat. Well, the opportunities to pick up a Yorkshire-brewed Wheat don’t come along often, so it was duly added to the already groaning basket and off we went.

I was seriously impressed by this beer – crystal -clear, it turned out to be superbly made and surprisingly well balanced white beer. All the classic coriander, orange peel and citrus flavours abounded and it turned out to be a perfect bedfellow for my golden Calamari.

Last week I picked up their IPA, and again my other half found me rabbiting on at her like a loon after only one sip – a wonderfully sweet, grassy IPA; not too hoppy despite having that puckering crispness you expect of a new-world IPA -and really, really well balanced.

Rodham’s are based in Otley, and to the best of my knowledge don’t have a website as such. However small they may be, Rodham’s are brewing some wonderful beers right now and if you do see any of their wares – be sure to taste. They are presenting a number of beer’s at this weekend’s Otley Beer Festival, and that would be a great place to start.
Rodham’s Brewery, Otley, Yorkshire, LS21 1BZ
Tel: 01943 464530

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  1. >OOH, Calamari, whitebait & beer, a feast fit for, well, me. I constantly look for whitebait but can never find it. I just have to hope it pops up on the odd starter menu now and again.

  2. >Bigun – one of my all-time faves, a taste of sunshine no matter how dark it is outside. Get a spanking-good wheat or pale ale like this and it’s oe in the eye for those that think beer and food matching is still second to wine. make your own!! let me know if you need a recipe – not that there’s anything to it….!!

  3. >Hi Leigh – thank you for visiting my food blog and leaving a comment. People in the Black Country near to where I live, are really into real ale and there are lots of festivals etc. Also, I know that there are some great micro-breweries.

  4. >I just love calamari, squid and much more…yours look delicious. cheers for sharing

  5. >Not tried Rodham’s beers for about two years because I found them unpalatable.For the record, I understand Mr Rodham works for Leeds Parks Dept and is based at Temple Newsham, and his beers are available in the visitors shop there.I'm also under the impression that his beers are brewed using malt extract. This could have changed, though, since I last sampled Rodham's.

  6. >Richard – Well, in that case, that's one hell of an extract brew. I enjoyed them, although have not seen on tap/at festivals, really, for me to try both types.

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