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…I’m carrying on in this mild/autumn beer feel that I’ve been into recently by enjoying a few pints of Hawkshead Red. Hawkshead are a brewery of whose beers I’ve been a fan of for some time – much like other ‘go to’s’ like Naylors, Wylam and Taylors, Hawkshead are consistent; consistently good – and the Red is no exception. Juicy malt, a red-fruit body and a high hoppiness at the end of the sip make this an excellent session beer, and it’s ruby colour invites pint after pint…lovely. I thought it tasted a little like Fuller’s ESB, but that’s just me.
I enjoyed this beer most recently in The Narrow Boat in Skipton, a Market Town Tavern that always is a pleasure to drink in. In fact, just as I was draining my first pint, the pub was besieged by about 100 morris dancers, who all bought their pints in a very polite fashion and decamped to the back room, where the guitars were pulled out, the drums beaten and the singing began. And that’s what a lazy lunchtime in darkest Yorkshire drinking Hawkshead Red amounts to!! More of the same, barman.

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  1. >I’ve had this one at the brewery tap in Stavely and it was really fruity, just my sort of ale. I’m going to see if I can recover some yeast from the cask at the next town beer festival.

  2. >well if you end up with something along these lines I wouldnt mind a little taste!! cheeky!

  3. >No WorriesThere’ll be a bottle winging it’s way to you if I get close.

  4. >(rubs hands with glee)

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