>’Toblerone’ Pancakes


Now that the pancake day blogging feast is over, here’s what we did….take one pancake (i’m not gonna patronise you and tell you how to make a pancake; a) you should know, and b) there are plenty of sites/recipes out there), and sprinkle with grated, quality dark chocolate (I use Divine or Green & Blacks), Honey and chopped Almonds. Voila! Toblerone Pancakes. Enjoy.

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  1. >IMO Pancakes are best served from a 2lb loaf tin with a nice roast and beef gravy!

  2. >Yes mate – ‘mancakes’!!!

  3. >Good answer!

  4. >Holy crap why didn’t I notice this before? I want to eat a mille crepe cake of this. And eat it all myself.This is completely f***ing brilliant.

  5. >heather – thanks! high praise indeed – was thinking, add peanuts, and some caramel – whammo! Snickers crepe!

  6. >This is sublime, a whole new way to enjoy pancakes! Thanks so much for posting.

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